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About Aloha Boutique Hotel


    Kindness to be expressed with tenderness


    Unity to be expressed with harmony


    Agreeable to be expressed with pleasantness

  • HA'AHA'A

    Humility to be expressed with modesty


    Patience to be expressed with perseverance

The Spirit of Aloha

Aloha Boutique Hotel offers a unique environment on the Big Island resting inside the mansion of a sugar cane plantation that once owned the entire northern half of the island.

Built in the late 1800’s, the Hawi Sugar Cane Plantation is an iconic landmark that offers a taste of island history through the artfully decorated suites inside the mansion. The one-hundred year old whispering trees bordering the remaining three acres of the plantation firmly hold the atmosphere of a once-upon-a-time grand operation.

Today, Aloha Boutique Hotel strives to merge the legacy of Hawi Plantation with the eloquent spirit of ALOHA that the Big Island exudes through its gentle, indigenous culture.

Expressing the qualities of ALOHA we hope to promote an environment that deeply touches each traveler seeking to know, experience and carry forth the essence of the ancient Hawaiian culture and philosophy.

Guest Reviews

What is a Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotels are considered small-sized, urban, stylish and located in the heart of a town. A boutique hotel offers pride in its locations heritage and features a spirited ambiance unparalleled to any other location in its region.

One will find that the guests who choose to stay at a boutique hotel are highly individualist, creative, artists and trend setters. Travelers who choose the unique environment tend to….read more here

Aloha Vibe

May we all live in harmony with the people and land around us with mercy, sympathy, grace and kindness in mutual respect and affection.





A force that holds existence together


In deep gratitude and respect

A hui hou

Until we meet again

Organic, Vegan Breakfast Buffet complimentary for all
Aloha Boutique Hotel guests!
Gluten-free too!
Breakfast served each day in the main house dining room / 8am - 10am
at the Hawi Plantation Estate