4 Guest Rooms / 3 Royal Suites / 2 Guest Homes

Guest Rooms

Royal Suites

Guest House

Best price, smaller in size, 3 guest rooms share a bathroom – Lava Den has its own private bathroom. Each guest room has refrigerator and enjoys the coffee and tea bar in main dining room, 24/7, at leisure. Super wifi

Larger room, large screen TV’s, personal, full bathroom in suite, coffee and tea bar in suite with microwave, kettle, toaster oven, refrigerator and serving ware. Super wifi. 3-5 styles of Hawaiian coffee to sample.

Private environment with own full kitchen and amenities, own bathroom, own screened in porch, own living room and wide screen TV in two of the cottages, Super wifi. 3-5 styles of Hawaiian coffee to sample.

Aloha Boutique Hotel in Hawi on
the Big Island

Blue Skies Guest Room

$179 per night

Blue Skies Features

Blue Skies is one of 4 guest rooms and is joined by a bathroom situated between Sandy Beach and Blue Skies. Every guest room offer refrigerators, super wifi and vegan breakfast buffet every day!