How Was Your Stay?

ABH Host: Kashi


One of the most interesting things to observe owning and operating a boutique hotel business is the stream of reviews that are written almost daily concerning guests experiences at the hotel. Fortunately, most of the reviews are “10’s” and 5 stars. However, on occasion, there is an awful review that speaks highly of the discontent inside of one’s own being. Those type of reviews add an odd contrast to the stream of fabulous reviews speaking praise on their experience at the alcohol-free, vegan inn.

Each time I read a guests review it matches the interaction that I had with that person. If the person is agitated, depressed, angry or unhappy, the review speaks the same. If the person is light-hearted, content and jovial, then the review matches their demeanor.

Often, the ‘bad’ reviews that are intended to cause damage to my business do not match the reality of what actually happened. Rather, they are a direct reflection of the persons state of mind that is agitated and impatient with life yet, sharing a story of their experience based on that state of mind in the environment with their expectations and their own agenda. One person may experience a marvelous time here and comment the most, lovely review. Another person sees all that is bad, wrong, and lacking – and lets the world know how bad the situation is. Reviews are completely relevant to the individuals state of mind, I have found. One person will comment in their review that the place was clean, immaculate and beautiful. Another person staying in the same guest suite a few days later will comment that the room was not very clean, issues with toilet or shower, old and rusty this or that, etc. So bizarre to watch this all play out and an interesting exercise in not taking any of this personal.

Reviews are also the key ingredient to building this type of business. Almost every guest who shows up at my door informs me that they made the decision to come here based on the reviews. And if you are familiar with AirBnB, you may be familiar with the operating system that pushes the guest and the host into writing a review on the other, immediately after the stay. The worldwide, international hosting industry revolves on this type of interaction; good host – good guest / bad host – bad guest, What are they? Let the world know.

Making Friends

The most extraordinary happening for me in this journey with the hotel is falling in love, over and over again, then, letting go. It’s a sharp contrast to the mundane relating as i love deeply with no attachment and then let go without any thought regarding future re-connecting nor any longing to see one again; even tho there is a sweet, loving connection and appreciation for the other.

This unusual love affair does not happen with everyone who walks in the door however, it does happen often. And it has no personality attached to its love, which is another odd feeling in contrast to mundane relating.

As I placed the jars of freshly squeezed orange juice in the display cooler in the guest dining area, the man standing nearby eagerly waiting for the next treat said to me, “I’ll take one of those juices! I read the reviews about all of this online when we were booking our room here”.

It’s true, I take good care of my guests, no matter who they are and do my best to ensure a pleasant, enjoyable stay.