A Boutique Hotel

What is a Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotels are considered small-sized, urban and stylish and located in the heart of a town. A boutique hotel offers pride in its locations heritage and features a spirited ambiance unparalleled to any other location in its region.

Travelers who choose the unique environment tend to refrain from booking with resorts, places with standard decor or mainstream hotels or typical retreat centers.

Boutique hotels tend to have their own personality that speaks boldly of its character and the personality behind the vision it sports. The inclination and aim of the host is to produce the best ambiance, atmosphere and experience for guests, which generate high marks and ranks as they strive to be unique and one-of-a-kind as well as an amazing “find”.  Boutique hotels tend to be small, featuring under ten suites maximum, each room with their own unique expression or design. The thoughtful ambience in each environment offers a truly memorable experience.

Coupled with its unique character and charm is the focus on offering the very best in linens, high standards in body care products offered complimentary to guests staying at the inn, a generous assortment of pillows, handmade organic toiletries, soft to the touch, high thread count linens, unique colors and textures – all contribute to an atmosphere of luxury and comfort. In addition to these super-amenities comes the best in technology, too. Coupled with the super amenities and historical features of a boutique hotel is the offering of social spaces such as fireplace, libraries, dining room, veranda, pool, garden, etc.

Boutique hotels share a common theme: aesthetics, exceptional comfort and luxury, comprehensive concierge services and tremendous attention to detail and quality as well as unique food offerings.

Personalized service and attention to detail allows for a truly unique experience unlike any other style of hotel or typical retreat center.

All of these characteristics mentioned above are featured at the Aloha Boutique Hotel, a registered Hawaii Bed & Breakfast Inn located in the Hawi Plantation mansion built in 1890, over 130 years ago, for a sugar cane operations in the rural tow of Hawi.

We welcome you to our inn and wish a magical, relaxing, peaceful stay in our beautiful historical mansion on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Most comments about our hotel are:

Peaceful, relaxing, beautiful, exquisite and “Is it possible to extend my stay?