Vegan Lifestyle Program

Attend our 3-day program for an introduction to the vibrant, vegan lifestyle.

Cooking classes, vegan nutrition, farming, ingredient sourcing and lots of delicious food!

Come and visit us to discover what is possible in your personal exploration of the vegan lifestyle

You may be wanting a change or unsure of how to take those first steps on how to prepare vegan food, how to shop for ingredients and even more so, how to combine the ingredients for the perfect, enjoyable dining experience.

Maybe you are simply seeking to understand what vegan dining is like because you are just curious. Or, perhaps you are not feeling the best physically and know that it is time to make a change in the way you eat and the daily lifestyle habits that foster better health. Maybe you have curiosities to explore the vegan lifestyle in a beautiful place like the Big Island of Hawaii. And maybe, you are curious about how to garden in a lush, tropical environment while enjoying plentiful fresh fruits and garden-to-table dining at its finest – the cornerstone of vegan lifestyle.

Vegan Lifestyle Program offers a two-night, three-day introduction to vegan cooking and nutrition in the lush paradise of the Big Island. Through visiting our vegan bed and breakfast inn created for providing the model for plant-based living, individuals can absorb the knowledge of recipes, techniques and delicious, nutritious meals from life-long vegans and begin a fresh, new start in managing diet, health and well-being. Enroll today!

Vegan Lifestyle Program


Expert Teachers and Lifelong Veganneers

Hands on Experience with experts living the vegan lifestyle as a compassionate, informed, skilled community participant


Beautiful environment

At ABH we strive to maintain a nurturing, vital atmosphere that is conducive to meditation, self-care, and conscious living. You are supported in developing your vegan lifestyle and new daily habits.


Gain Long-lasting Skills

Spending time in a community that practices the vegan lifestyle daily and shares with the community the attribute of a vibrant lifestyle is a fabulous way to improve your personal trajectory and instill life-long habits for enriching your day-to-day experience.

What You Get

The Learning

Learn essential lessons of living a life of veganism taught by expert, life-long vegans in our three-day course. Areas of study include vegan cooking skills, food combining, vegan nutrition and vegan kitchen set-up.


The ABH Vegan Lifestyle Program includes dedicating time to working in gardens, kitchen, housekeeping or other special projects - suited best to your skills and interest.

Personal Development

Included with the Vegan Lifestyle Program is a self-development program that addresses proper nutrition for healing the body and psychological and emotional well-being.


Touching the earth, walking barefoot on soft, lush ground while nurturing life through plant cultivation is one of the most powerful exercises a human can experience - even if it is practiced for only a week. Living in a fast-paced city life one loses touch with this significant component of healthy living that engages one fully into experiencing a well-rounded, healthy, vibrant lifestyle.

community teachers

Golden Gibson

A life-long veganeer and teacher of compassionate living via Gentle, Golden imparts her recipes for easy-to-prepare daily vegan foods. Golden is the mother of two teenage vegan children and enjoys living in Hawaii and New Zealand, working the land for plant-based living with her vegan husband.

Gentle World.Org

Founders Sun and Light have lived a legacy fully devoted to compassionate vegan living, The passing of Sun leaves a community of teachers and passionate veganeers who strive to keep the vision fully alive while sharing the message of a plant-based lifestyle.
"When my husband Light and I became vegan in February of 1970, there was one reason and one reason only. It wasn’t because of its health benefits, which were unknown at the time, as was its positive effect on the environment. If factory farms existed, we hadn’t heard of them. Animal rights was not yet an issue, even outside the mainstream. We were not even aware that there was a word for what we were doing until years later, as both the word and the concept were virtually unknown.” Click text to read more about Gentle World

KaShiva UmAnanda

A life-long yogi, KaShiva introduces a unique approach to enjoying a wholistic lifestyle that includes nurturing vegan diet, herbs and spices for healing and helpful suggestions for creating a sacred kitchen.
Naturally, KaShiva became vegan when she discovered that she was lactose intolerant - a life-long condition since birth forcing her to adopt the vegan lifestyle. From raw food diet to vegan, Kashi shares her recipes, kitchen secrets and suggestions for nutritional meals.

We help you design a vegan lifestyle


ABH provides a variety of accommodations. Total cost of retreat is based upon type of room and amenities. Accommodation selection includes private suite or shared suite. Call office to explore what works best for you and total price of your retreat.

The Environment

ABH is located on 3 acres within a rural, small ranch tow, Hawi, located on the northwest point of the Big Island. Grocers, gift shops, hardware, galleries and post office are within walking distance. The closest major town is Kona, which is approximately one hour away by car. 


Our Vegan Lifestyle Program tuition is $1200 for a two night / 3 day program. Tuition includes housing, meals, full access to the property inclusive of the pool, meditation gardens, and community temple. Scholarship is available for those who demonstrate financial need. Once your application has been accepted, accommodations are selected according to availability. Additional fees may apply for upgrades and amenities.

Plant Based Living

Learn the basics for living a fully-satisfying plant based lifestyle: vegan and gluten-free

Read About The Experience

Royal Queen Suite
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Fantastic place to stay.
As soon as you arrive you experience peace and tranquility in this old style plantation home. The decor is outstanding and makes you feel in another era. The grounds are soothing and beautiful and include a unique meditation area within a small bamboo grove. The morning breakfast of vegan gluten free selections was very tasty. We only stayed one night but would definitely return again.
August 2022
Christina Royal Kings Suite
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Can’t recommend this place highly enough. We loved that Kashi has preserved the original charm of this historic building- such a different vibe from the more commercial and generic feeling you get at nearby resorts. And the food was fantastic- brunch was delicious, but we especially appreciated the refrigerator Kashi kept full with homemade snacks and fresh squeezed juices. Be sure to try her baked breads!
ElizabethRoyal Kings Suite
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This place is a gem
.... it's a stunning old house that's been beautifully restored, the suite we were in was big and comfortable and breezy, and oh my god, the vegan food is delicious. Breakfast was part of the deal, and it was fantastic, but we were also told to help ourselves to treats throughout the day, and one evening we ordered dinner from the Shiva Diva menu - it was easily the best meal we had on the big island.
May 2022
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We stayed here two months ago and the atmosphere of this hotel is unparalled. You'll feel like you're living in a dream. The old history, the style of the rooms, the healthy breakfast, and the surrounding beautiful atmosphere of tropical plants that surround you after waking up are truly unique. You can tell this place has been handled with a lot of care and the host even gave my mom a small gift on our departure which was a very kind gesture.
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Fabulous choice
The vegan breakfast was outstanding- unique and probably the most varied in all of our travels over years. Gorgeous plantation style house with beautiful rooms , fresh flowers everywhere - many artistic touches and snacks. Loved it!
GayleMay 2022
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Kashi Was a great host, she did above and beyond to accommodate our special needs. Her vegan breakfast was the best I’ve ever experienced. With so many choices it was a delight. The grounds had a great Mana ( energy) and there were many extra little amenities and added value to the experience. Mahalo
April 2022
Sig & Gina
Sig & GinaExecutive Beach Suite
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A stay at the Aloha Boutique Hotel was for us, an experience in learning that vegan eating can become a way of life. During our stay, Kashi introduced us to a number of vegan dishes at breakfast and dinner that were absolutely delicious and healthful. The breakfasts included our favorite vegan pastry, the berries and banana bread, several different fruits and juices, smoothies, waffles and creamy oatmeal among other vegan dishes. We highly recommend eating dinner at the Aloha Boutique Hotel and having Kashi cook vegan for you. We ate dinners at the hotel all three nights of our stay. Each dinner was delicious, and we learned that vegan is so much more than tofu. In fact, we never ate any tofu there. Instead, Kashi introduced us to other vegan foods that were delicious and satisfying. We highly recommend getting the Chef's Choice dinner where Kashi shows off her vegan chef's skills with her signature dishes. The Chef's Choice is truly out of this world. We'll go back to ABH!
Jonathan & Heidi
Jonathan & HeidiAirBnB
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… If you are looking for a relaxing and unique experience this is a great place to start. The entire property is very nice and the room was comfortable and spacious. … We thoroughly enjoyed the breezes and slept with our windows open. It was so relaxing and therapeutic.
There is more than enough room in the main building shared spaces to enjoy quiet moments or your beautifully prepared breakfast. Breakfast was excellent. It is vegan and gluten free which was wonderful since my wife is gluten free. My wife was impressed with the vegan options and the tasty sweet treats that she rarely gets to eat. I don’t have any food restrictions and do not regularly eat gluten free or vegan. I found Kashi’s breakfast to be absolutely delicious!… Hawi is a beautiful area with very friendly people.

2 night / 3 Day Vegan Lifestyle Program

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