"Eat good, feel good
and be Happy"

Shiva Diva

Your Good Health in Mind

Visit our Breakfast Buffet

At the Aloha Boutique Hotel, Shiva Diva serves exquisite fresh baked goods each morning as well as savory, protein-rich entrees perfect for starting the day.

Shiva Diva Breakfast Buffet Offerings include:

Morning breakfast buffet is complimentary for all gets staying at the Aloha Boutique Hotel.

For those staying elsewhere yet seeking to enjoy the fresh, vegan, gluten-free fare, you are welcome to visit and enjoy the buffet in our main dining room for $25 per person. Serving hours: 8 am - noon / call ahead to reserve your spot and inform day of visit. (808) 300-7675.
Click here to Visit SHIVA DIVA website to pay by credit card and reserve

Made with the highest quality of ingredients available

Shiva Diva Foods

Serving you good food so you feel good

SHIVA DIVA is committed to bringing you the very best in quality through locally harvested foods and organically grown too

Your health counts

Shiva Diva 100% Organic, Vegan
& Gluten-free

Nourish Your Self

Increasingly, people are becoming conscious of how they choose to nourish their body. No longer is SAD governing the health of humanity (Standard American Diet), which is laden with sugars, glutinous flours that breed disease and heavily colored or preservative filled foods which tend to de-vitalize the body and promote disease. Instead, SHIVA DIVA FOODS chooses to use the freshest garden ingredients harvested from the local farmers while using alternative, healthy flours, sweeteners and spices. SHIVA DIVA FOODS joins forces with those whose mission is to educate and train healthy-minded consumers to enjoy a pain-free lifestyle regulated by vitalizing dietary habits.

Why Gluten-free

Gluten foods are the number one cause of mucus in the body. Mucus harbors many airborne and digestive parasites, germs and other auric debris that contribute greatly to the physical discomfort and health issues that many face in their day-to-day lives. Because of the SAD (Standard American Diet), people get accustomed to living with the health challenges that come with a diet lacking nutrition and the nourishing qualities.  SHIVA DIVA FOODS provide easy to digest ingredients that sink into the body chemistry, ultimately nourishing and vitalizing physical health while contributing to mental well-being. 

How to order

Shiva Diva takes time in the kitchen to ensure that your food is endowed with the good vibes and delicious flavors. Therefore, be sure to place your order approximately an hour before you expect to dine. 

Savory meals are prepared in-house and served from Noon to 9:00 pm. Breakfast Buffet is served daily between the hours of 8am – 10pm.

How to Pay

Cash or Charge

After dining or before, items can be paid for by credit card by visiting the SHIVA DIVA FOODS website. Click button below and then scroll to find the item that you have ordered. Follow the prompts with the shopping cart for payment with credit card. If you would like to pay by cash, simply pay your server when the food arrives or soon thereafter.

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