Food Menu @ Aloha Boutique Hotel



Baked Persian-Style Kabobs & Jasmine Rice

Crunchy, meaty kabob logs made of veggies, legumes, walnuts, rice and oats baked to a crisp, delicately seasoned and smothered in green onions and mango bits. Served with creamy Myer Lemon peanuts sauce.


Garden Veggie Medley

Hawaiian island veggies locally grown and harvested within the day are stir-fried and tossed with jasmine turmeric rice and gently placed on a bed of sweet, baby salad greens. Delicately seasoned, served with peanut dipping sauce and herbed mango vinaigrette. Topped with vegan sausage crumbles and island sprouts.


Dal & Jasmine Turmeric Rice

A highly unique, delicious twist on a conventional dish. Mildly seasoned with exotic spices, smothered in coconut cream and served with jasmine turmeric rice. Served with raita.


Savory Vegan Waffle Melt

Freshly harvested baby garden greens sautéed with spring onion and herbs nestled on a Shiva Diva waffle with a chunk of vegan brie cheese and topped with a pile of super greens sprouts. Served with Big Island Hawaii locally made taro chips, kale salad and Shiva Diva’s Big Island dressing for dipping.


Shiva's Wrap

Organic veggies pan-steam-fried and delicately seasoned wrapped inside a collard green and draped with cashew macadamia gravy. Served with a side of rice 


Green Banana Waffle & Vegan Sausage Gravy

Fabulous savory waffle grilled to perfection with slight crunch on edge and covered with a modest heap of pan-sauteed greens seasoned and topped with vegan sausage gravy and walnut pepper crunch


Cashew Macadamia Gravy & Mashed Potatoes

Old fashioned style creamy, peppered gravy served with mashed potatoes and a side of wilted greens seasoned with garlic and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.


Chefs Dinner

Aloha Boutique Hotel private chef prepares a variety of dishes from the Shiva Diva menu collection

$35 Per Person

How to Place Your Order

TEXT:  +1 (808) 300-7675

Guests staying at the Aloha Boutique Hotel Bed and Breakfast Inn may place their order anytime between the hours of Noon and 9:00pm

Meals are prepared fresh to order, therefore, call or text your order at least one hour before you would like to dine

Call or text hotel office number to place your order: 808-300-7675

Vegan Breakfast Buffet:

Shiva Diva Breakfast Buffet is free and complimentary for guests staying in the bed and breakfast hotel. Guests staying in Garden Cottage and Bamboo Cottage can enjoy breakfast buffet for $25 per person, each morning. 

Friends of guests staying at ABH may join for breakfast while guests are staying at inn for an additional $25 per person. Please inform chef the day before if friends will be joining for breakfast. 

Pay for Breakfast buffet here: