At the Aloha Boutique Hotel, we take pride in attention to detail and quality of experience, which begins the moment you check into our bed and breakfast inn. Our boutique hotel is a modest, quaint, century-old sugar cane plantation estate with 5 suites and 2 small cottages next to the main house – providing an experience unlike a standard hotel or resort.

For that reason, it is important that we greet you upon arrival and orient you into our special, unique environment.


“Check in” experience begins when we ask each guest to contact us in the morning on the first day you are to arrive to let us know your approximate time of arrival – ensuring that all things are in order for your stay. Standard check in time begins at 2 pm.

When you contact us by phone or text in the morning, we send a link to our website with details on how to get to our inn. Google maps does not always lead each visitor directly to our door. Since we are located in a rural area, standard map direction can be challenging at times and may take you to an entirely different location. Therefore, it is best that you read through the link to the page that is sent to you that informs of our location and best route to take to our place. Click here for the link

Please call or text us in the morning you check in at: +1 (808) 300-7675 / We encourage text messages updating us to your approximate arrival time.

Failure to notify us of your arrival time in the morning on the day you are to arrive at our inn or within a minimum 6 hours before your arrival to verify check in time will mark reservation as a “late check in” and room may not be ready until after 5 pm.


Once you arrive, you are instructed to call us or text and notify us of your arrival before entering the inn. In this way, we can lead you to your suite, direct you where to park and familiarize you with the layout of the inn for enjoying the vegan breakfast buffet, complimentary vegan snacks and 24/7 coffee and tea bar, the common social areas and so on.

We look forward to having you as our guest and providing you with a peaceful, relaxing space for you to enjoy while staying at our inn!