Live, Work
& Bloom

Our Live, Work & Bloom Program offers a one to three month community enrichment vegan lifestyle program. Through an extended stay one can explore new lifestyle habits while residing with a community focused on the vegan way.

Serving the Community
A three month on-site work program designed to learn the vegan lifestyle and edify self in mind, body and spirit while working in service to the community. Explore new ways of thinking and being while being paid to work at ABH.

Live, Work & Bloom Program Participants are assigned to any one of the duties for Kitchen, Housekeeping, Garden, landscaping or technical projects.

Participants contribute up to 30 hours per week working in the assigned department and enjoy three hours dedicated to self-development.

Shared or private accommodations and daily vegan meals are provided at a reasonable cost.

Learning the Vegan Lifestyle
Learn to expand and open up to a wider, more satisfying potential through these core topics of the Live, Work and Bloom Program:

Cooking, harvesting and processing classesBarefoot Gardening classes, as well as egan nutrition classes



In this program, you share space in a dorm-like room with same gender.


Rent is $200 per week and includes utilities and daily vegan meals.


Live, Work & Bloom Participants are paid $15 per hour with opportunities for earning more through farmers market, catering, and special projects. 


To inquire or apply, call ABH office to schedule an interview