An Experience

SHIVA DIVA FOODS, Founded in 2020 with a vision to bring the unique tastes and high vibes of vegan, plant-based diet to the community and travelers at large, all with a focus on using locally-sourced ingredients from our island farmers.

Meet Our Chef

Your host and owner of the Aloha Boutique Hotel, Kashi, a vegan, gluten-free chef with over thirty years experience working as professional chef and restauranteur in the vegetarian culture and food industry. Aloha Boutique Hotel features her culinary skill each morning for the breakfast buffet offered complimentary for guests staying at our B&B inn. Savory menu items freshly prepared to order and available throughout the day. 

“Eat good and feel good while dining on delicious cuisine that sinks in and settles well in the body – nourishing, vitalizing and healing the whole being” – Kashi

Plant-based savory foods

Bursting with flavor and exceptional aroma of healthy, satisfying, easy to digest and feel great food.

Local Farm-to-Table

Most of the ingredients prepared by Shiva Diva Foods is sourced from local farmers and exceptionally fresh - picked up on the same day it is harvested from the farmers garden.

From sautéed veggies, freshly harvested fruits, fresh squeezed orange juice, fresh baked island banana bread to green beans, kale, cucumbers, herbs and more!

Principle of Sacred Kitchen

Quantity, quality, variety, timing, the way you eat (whether you eat with a spoon or finger) it's all in your diet, you know what you become.

Non-veg is chemically and "karactically" toxic. Nonorganic food may not be karma toxic, however is chemically toxic!

Make every person understand this -
Swamiji Nityananda