Check in time is any time after 2 pm and up to midnight.

Check out time is noon. You are welcome to keep your car parked at our inn while strolling through town for the afternoon. You may also enjoy an afternoon at our pool after check out. 

Breakfast buffet begins at 8:00 am however, you are welcome to have coffee or tea any time before breakfast. Often, fruits, smoothies, creamy oatmeal or homemade granola, sour dough bread for traditional toast and other items are available before 8 am. 

Aloha Boutique Hotel Eco-Vegan Bed and Breakfast features fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables from local farms in the area; warm, savory dishes such as protein rice stir-fry, vegan sausage gravy and green banana waffles, oven fried golden Yukon potatoes, delicious creamy cinnamon oatmeal, fresh baked vegan, gluten-free banana breads and other baked goods; vegan smoothies made with banana, pineapple, mangoes and other local, in-season fruits with a base of vegan probiotic, cashew yogurt. When available, fresh squeezed orange juice from our local farmer and coconut water from our trees. An assortment of Hawaiian coffees are presented and alternative creamers as well as traditional half-n-half. For those who enjoy morning toast, sour dough bread from our local bakery is available and served with traditional butter or alternative butters and locally home-made fruit jams and jellies.

Breakfast is complimentary for all guests staying at the inn!

If you are a guest and have friends that would like to join, please visit this page for more details 

You can easily walk to town within a few minutes to coffee shops, cafes and boutiques. Hawi Town sports a variety of dining options from conventional, mainstream dining to kombucha bar to popular Mexican fair.

Kohala Grown grocer offers superbly fresh meal options to order or grab and go sandwiches and salads. A pleasant sidewalk seating environment provides a fabulous in-town dining experience.

A drive over the mountain terrain to nearby town Waimea offers a grand selection of eateries and an exquisite sunset view on the way back to our inn.

A drive down the road less than two miles in the small, rural towns of Kohala and Kapaau an array of dining options are offered:

Kings View Cafe – Pizza

Pomaika’i Cafe

Chaba’s Joy Cafe

Kohala Rainbow Cafe – BBQ, steak and fish

Gill’s Lanai – fried fish tacos and hotdogs

Aloha Boutique Hotel Eco-Vegan Bed and Breakfast Inn is roughly 50 minutes from the Kona airport (KOA) and offers a fabulous coastal drive all the way from airport to our place. 

Turn left on Queen Ka’ahumanu Highway. For 26 miles travel on Kawaihea Rd then, travel for approximately 18 miles on Akoni Pule Highway which brings you directly into the center of Hawi Town. Our hotel is located at the edge of our 2-block town and on the right hand side. Visit link below on website for more details.

Hilo Airport (HILO) is just under 2 hours away and offers a splendid drive through the mountains of the Big Island with a panoramic view revealing the many landscapes this island has to offer. Google maps offers 3 directions for getting to Hawi – our favorite is Saddle Rd. which is a 36 mile mountain journey. Once you land at the bottom of Hawi Rd and the center of town at the “T”, turn right. We are only 1/2 block away on right hand side.

Click this link for more details on how to find our inn.


Indeed we have private chauffeur service available for our guests who opt to settle in and relax at our inn. We also provide personal taxi service during your stay. 

KONA airport chauffeur service: $178 one way

Hilo Airport chauffeur service: $296 one way

Call our office to reserve your ride: (808) 300-7675

When you make a reservation you are asking us to block our calendar and save the space for you! So, yes – a deposit is required.

Depending upon the length or number of units reserved determines the amount and terms.

1-3 night stay requires payment in full at time of booking.

3-10 night stay requires one night fee.

If you book your reservation under 10 days or less before arrival, total amount due is to be paid at time of reservation and before day of check-in.

Retreats, events, weddings and family gatherings renting most of the rooms and/or guest homes:

Initial discussion to hold dates: $1000 deposit, which secures a 10-day process for determining reservation details as rooms are temporarily blocked. Rates quoted at time of inquiry are guaranteed for a maximum of 10 days and could change after the 10-day temporary block period. At the end of 10-day temporary block, first deposit for official reservation is due or block is removed on rooms and $1000 remains as credit or is refunded according to cancelation policy.

When terms are agreed upon and reservation is in place:

For 1-3 nights:

Full amount due at time of reservation.

For group events 3 days or more:

First installment: 30% down

45 days before arrival  second installment: 30%

21 days before arrival remaining balance is due.

If reservation is made 60 days (2 months) or less before date of arrival then the deposit is 50% down and balance paid 21 days before arrival.

See cancelation policy below.

14 days prior to arrival: total refund

After 14 days up to 3 days before arrival: one night fee

3 days before and up to arrival: no refund

The only additional fees are Hawaii accommodation taxes: 17%.

There are no cleaning fees nor miscellaneous fees that are typical with resort reservations.

If you plan on bringing your pet with you while staying at our hotel, there is a one time $50 per pet fee or per week.

Free, Ample parking is provided on site next to the hotel

Boutique hotels are considered small-sized, urban inns that are located in the heart of a town and sport a unique ambiance – unlike any other  hotel, resort or retreat center.

They take great pride in their location’s heritage and often, are a historical, architectural relic of the area. 

Usually, they are small in size from three to maximum ten rooms allowing for personalized guest care, high-quality amenities and an extraordinary unique atmosphere.

You can read more here

Aloha Boutique Hotel proudly features SHIVA DIVA vegan cafe as our own private, in-house chef and specialty cuisine. 

View details here

One of our most popular questions!

Many beaches are to the west of our inn along Akoni Pule Highway. It’s a great drive to and from the beach with lots of beautiful ocean views along the coast line. To the east of our inn, approximately five miles down the road is the popular beach and hiking destination, Pololu Valley, which is one of the islands most beautiful black sand beaches.

One of the noted benefits staying at our inn is that our 2-block town is only a few steps from our front door!

You can find two grocers within walking distance: conventional grocery store and “Kohala Grown” specializing in locally grown produce and handmade goods. They also offer food from their grab-n-go cooler or made to order menu. 

About a mile down the road towards the east is Takata Market which offers a larger assortment of goods.

Saturday mornings, Hawi Town features local farmers market with a splendid assortment of fruits, veggies, fresh baked goods, plants and handmade craft items. 


Our concierge , “Golden” Jennifer Gibson offers an array of guided tours. Click here to view selection:



We love pets and provide accommodations for guests with pets in our family guest homes. We also have friendly, pet wild chickens and a rooster that roam our land. Be prepared for roosters crowing at dawn – this is the rural, island country side! If you bring your dog, please ensure that it does not harm our chickens by keeping it on a leash at all times while strolling the grounds. Of course, please clean up any debris left behind by the behind!….and dispose of properly in trash bins located outside near coin laundry facilities.

Absolutely no pets allowed in the main house at any time – only in guest homes.

ABH proudly presents vegan diet lifestyle and assists in educating and providing the environment for the significant change in how society enjoys dining. “Vegan” implies that our kitchen is strictly meat-free and dairy-free in all our food preparations. We do provide organic half-half for those who enjoy cream in their coffee and butter for toast for those who enjoy traditional toast. Beyond that, there is no meat and there is no dairy in any of our food. We do offer local, fresh-baked bread from our local bakery which does include gluten and is the only item in our food offering that contains gluten. All Shiva Diva menu items are vegan and gluten-free

For those who are staying at our hotel for an extended period of time and wish to dine on meat, we offer 2 cottages with fully equipped kitchens where guests can prepare their own meals and enjoy the diet they are accustomed to.   Including, there are many cafes close by that offer a variety of meat dishes in their menu offerings as well local grocers who offer a selection of the same.

Often, we hear form our guest who are not “Vegan” that they love our food and would consider a vegan diet because of our offerings. However, we do not expect our guests to become vegan diners and to radically change their lifestyle unless they desire to do so. We offer an environment and experience to try something different for those who are curious and seeking to learn more about this growing trend in dining. For those who are living the vegan lifestyle, we offer a place where they can vacation and enjoy the lifestyle they are accustomed to. 

Please no smoking on the premises. Consider taking a stroll to the park located next door to our estate and enjoy a quiet moment under one of the banyan trees. 

Our desire is to maintain an “oxygen-rich”, revitalizing atmosphere for guests that naturally exists with the northeastern trade-winds that stream across the property.

In an effort to provide peaceful, relaxing and rejuvenating space for our guests, we ask that no liquor spirits of any kind be brought onto the property, including beer and wine. The same applies for any kind of narcotics or mind-altering substances during a stay at our inn.  We invite our guests to enjoy the environment and its healing qualities in deep relaxation and peace.

At times, people inquire if one beer an evening is ok, or one bottle of wine is ok, etc. Our answer is always: please, please no alcohol of any kind or any amount on our property. If you must have a drink – alcohol is plentiful nearby in markets and cafes. Take a stroll into town (1/2 block away) where there is a variety of offerings. Kohala Grown offers artisan beers on tap and hosts an enjoyable sidewalk moment experiencing our quaint, rural town of Hawi.

For those who tend to drink alcohol,  we invite you to experience time and space without it while staying at our inn and enjoy peaceful space – naturally. ……..Consider experimenting, experiencing and exploring a different way of living for a moment while here.

REJUVENATE YOUR BEING…..eat healthy food, breathe deep the ocean-fresh breeze, enjoy peaceful space in the country – in a beautiful suite and away from hectic city life. 

Truly – it is heaven.

We invite families with children, under 11 years of age to consider renting one of our “Family Bungalows”. Our “Family Bungalow” is larger with a private bedroom, private kitchen, screened lanai and is best suited for families providing the necessary amenities for caring and attending to the needs of children. An added bonus: THE POOL!………it is a delight to hear the joyful sounds of children playing at the pool in the background of our environment. Please enjoy while staying at our inn.

Hawaii Time Zone

HST (UTC-10)

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