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May 2023

2023 Reviews

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A stay at the Aloha Boutique Hotel was for us, an experience in learning that vegan eating can become a way of life. During our stay, Kashi introduced us to a number of vegan dishes at breakfast and dinner that were absolutely delicious and healthful. The breakfasts included our favorite vegan pastry, the berries and banana bread, several different fruits and juices, smoothies, waffles and creamy oatmeal among other vegan dishes. We highly recommend eating dinner at the Aloha Boutique Hotel and having Kashi cook vegan for you. We ate dinners at the hotel all three nights of our stay. Each dinner was delicious, and we learned that vegan is so much more than tofu. In fact, we never ate any tofu there. Instead, Kashi introduced us to other vegan foods that were delicious and satisfying. We highly recommend getting the Chef’s Choice dinner where Kashi shows off her vegan chef’s skills with her signature dishes. The Chef’s Choice is truly out of this world. We’ll go back to ABH!  Gina & Sig AirBnB / January 2023

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A note from the host

Good Reviews & Bad Reviews

One of the most interesting things to observe owning and operating a boutique hotel business is the stream of reviews that are written almost daily concerning guests experiences at the hotel. Fortunately, most of the reviews are “10’s” and 5 stars. However, on occasion, there is an awful review that adds an odd contrast to the stream of fabulous reviews speaking praise of their experience at the alcohol-free, vegan inn. I have learned a significant fact to the good and bad of reviews.

Each time a guest leaves a review it tends to match the interaction that I had with that person. If the person is agitated, depressed, angry or unhappy, their review is going to speak something of the same. If the person is light-hearted, grateful, content and jovial, then the review matches their demeanor. People live and express how they are feeling inside on the outside, it seems, as they demonstrate in the reviews of their experiences. 

Often, the ‘bad’ reviews that are obviously intended to cause damage do not match the reality of what actually happened. Rather, they are sharing a story of their state of mind coupled with their expectations and their own agenda. 

I have read guest say that the room is untidy, the mattress is horrible and they had a really bad sleep, the food was tasteless and they really missed the traditional breakfast. The very next day, a new guest arrives, stays in the same room and leaves a note stating that the room is immaculate, the bed is so comfortable and then expresses how much they enjoyed the peaceful, lush atmosphere and the delicious vegan breakfast. This is how I can see that the reviews are very, very personal and not always about me nor the hotel; it is each person’s own individual experience according to their state of mind…and their expectations.

This house was built in the late 1800’s and it is well over 135 years old. The house sits in the country side of the island and is surrounded by pastures where cows and horses graze, wild chickens roam and lush, wild foliage grows all around. However, if one is expecting a resort-like experience, they will be sadly disappointed. A century old plantation house is going to be filled with lots of quirks – and funky character. It lends well to a soothing, relaxing, elegant atmosphere too. It’s not a “cookie-cutter” style of environment like we find in resorts and city hotels. Truly, it is one of a kind.

And we are constantly upgrading, improving, repairing and replacing. This is an ongoing task with this gem of historical significance on the Big Island of Hawaii. Fortunately, it has been maintained well by each owner throughout the years and stands firm and steady on its lush and glorious land.

Travelers and hosts understand that reviews are the key ingredient to building this type of business. Almost every guest who shows up at my front door informs me that they made the decision to stay here based on the reviews. And if you have used AirBnB, you may be familiar with the operating system that urges the guest and the host into writing a review on the other, immediately after the stay. The worldwide, international hosting industry revolves on this type of interaction; good host – good guest / bad host – bad guest, What are they? Let the world know.

Certainly, it is always a joy to read a good review and see the 5 stars or the 10 points. When its bad, I’ve learned to just let it go. The person posting the bad review must be terribly agitated and most of the time, it has nothing to do with me.

The most extraordinary happening for me in this journey with the hotel is falling in love, over and over again, then, letting go. It’s a sharp contrast to the mundane relating as i love deeply with no attachment and then let go without any thought regarding future re-connecting nor any longing to see one again; even tho there is a sweet, loving connection and appreciation for the other.

This unusual love affair does not happen with everyone who walks in the door however, it does happen often. And it has no personality attached to its love, which is another odd feeling in contrast to mundane relating.

When someone speaks from the heart expressing deep gratitude for what has been shared here, I am deeply touched. When I hear, “This is the best breakfast I have ever had”…or…”This is a very special place. Amazing what you have created here”…. I fall in love again as they walk out the door and say goodbye.

This morning, while placing the jars of freshly squeezed orange juice in the display cooler in the guest dining area, the man standing nearby eagerly waiting for the next treat said to me, “I’ll take one of those juices! I read all about this place in the reviews online while we were booking our room to stay here”.

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5 Stars

Can’t recommend this place highly enough. We loved that Kashi has preserved the original charm of this historic building- such a different vibe from the more commercial and generic feeling you get at nearby resorts. And the food was fantastic- brunch was delicious, but we especially appreciated the refrigerator Kashi kept full with homemade snacks and fresh squeezed juices. Be sure to try her baked breads!




5 Stars

Kashi’s place was a lovely stop on my island journey. The lovely breakfast and sitting areas gave me the opportunity to catch up in my journal and leisurely enjoy the architecture of the beautiful home.




5 Stars

We where so impressedwhen we walked in. It was so well done. I felt like I had step back to another time and got to experience the ambiance and pace of that time. Everything was impeccable. It was our last night before leaving for the mainland. We had stayed in the Captain Cook area, Kona, Hilo with our adult children and friends, for the last 2 weeks. This was our the first time in 2 weeks that it was just us. Kashi’s hospitality was out standing. The breakfast spread was amazing. What a variety. I think I might have to ask for the recipe for the mango peach bread. Awesome! I only wish I could have spent a month here.




5 Stars

Incredible property in a magical place. The rooms are comfortable and the space inviting. The breakfast was delicious and satisfying and the selection of coffees and teas great. Our only regret is that we only got to stay for one night, next time we will stay for longer!



Had a great time staying at the Hawi Plantation!

Kashi was super nice, and the house is lovely, as is the location and the cute little town.
The banana bread is also, as noted, excellent.


Google Review

Such beautiful grounds and thoughtfully cared for home. The owner is kind and hospitable – and she cooks the most amazing treats. Cannot recommend enough – we especially loved getting to know Hawi, which is a beautiful welcoming community with an adorable downtown.


Google Review

I absolutely fell in love with this boutique hotel.

From booking to arriving the Host Kashi had kept in touch with us to make sure our arrival and experience would be unforgettable. We were greeted in the driveway and given a full tour of the beautiful plantation estate. The common rooms are cozy, inviting and the kitchen is a beautiful and easy to navigate chef kitchen. Each guest room is unique and decorated with elegance and charm. The saline pool is is available 24 hours for swimming and is beautiful and clean. In the morning Kashi bakes a variety of gluten free and vegan banana breads. They are AMAZING ! I genuinely want the recipe. We had the blackberry banana bread.
I loved the town of Hawi, and the drive up from Hilo is gorgeous. Knowing I can stay at the Hawi boutique hotel has given me more incentive to come back sooner.
Mahalo no kou ho`okipa


Google Review

5 Stars

Kashi Was a great host, she did above and beyond to accommodate our special needs. Her vegan breakfast was the best I’ve ever experienced. With so many choices it was a delight. The grounds had a great Mana ( energy) and there were many extra little amenities and added value to the experience. Mahalo

April 2022



5 Stars

We had such a wonderful stay! Excellent hospitality, super clean and Kashi is an excellent Vegan Gluten Free Chef. Would definitely go again if traveling that area. She accommodated us and our little dogs so grateful for the warmth and kindness through our stay.

May 2022



We wanted a relaxing, quiet, non touristy place and this was it!
An 1800s plantation mansion is so unique and the historic and whimsical decor was beautiful.
The vegan meals were outstanding also…We’ll be back for sure!
May 2022



5 Stars

We are so glad we got the chance to stay at Kashi’s place. We had scheduled a UTV tour in Hawi (highly recommend) and decided we would book Kashi’s place for the night before heading for the Hilo area. This was our first experience staying at a bed and breakfast and we were not disappointed. Kashi was easy to communicate with during the booking process and greeted us upon our arrival. If you are looking for a relaxing and unique experience this is a great place to start. The entire property is very nice and the room was comfortable and spacious. The entire building has the windows open in the downstairs area which lets the cool relaxing breezes flow through the wonderful shared spaces in the downstairs areas and throughout the upstairs where the rooms are. We thoroughly enjoyed the breezes and slept with our windows open. It was so relaxing and therapeutic. There is more than enough room in the main building shared spaces to enjoy quiet moments or your beautifully prepared breakfast. Breakfast was excellent. It is vegan and gluten free which was wonderful since my wife is gluten free. My wife was impressed with the vegan options and the tasty sweet treats that she rarely gets to eat. I don’t have any food restrictions and do not regularly eat gluten free or vegan. I found Kashi’s breakfast to be absolutely delicious! We were only here for the one night but truly enjoyed our experience. Definitely read Kashi’s description of her property and all of the amenities available. Hawi is a beautiful area with very friendly people. We are glad we were able to visit even though it was for one night. Thank you Kashi for a great stay and experience!


Jonathan & Heidi


The Spirit of Aloha